About us
Technofusion company has been established in 2016, and since that period has been delivering a high-class IT, integration and consultancy services to a wide range of customers in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Central Asian countries. The company is specialized in IT Services delivery, Consultancy, Project Management, Security solutions, etc.
Through its wide experience with the number of leading IT vendors, Technofusion can offer a wide range of IT services and Products to its customers. Company has partnership relationships with the leading global ICT vendors, such as, Cisco, Oracle, Lenovo, IBM, Dell, Huawei, Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks, SAP, Zebra Technologies and other industry leaders.  The motto of Technofusion is “We make the Difference”. The company staff consists of around 20 skilled, experienced and professionally certified experts
At Technofusion, we believe the philosophy that Human Development matters and Technology can really change our lives towards better Future.
Our Vision: the value of technologic development comes from and with human beings. We understand, that Technology at its own is nothing more, that a simple tool and the proper path towards technology goes with people in the focus. We believe that the Human-oriented approach toward technological development is the conscious point making difference for our customers.
Our Mission: to deliver the high class technology solutions meeting our customer’s requirements and results’ expectations.
Technofusion enables its customers to improve their organizations and performance through applying the right technology in place. We do it through applying the correct model of internal collaboration between our industry experts, understanding precisely our customers’ goals and requirements and achieving the required results. While doing this, we support our customers to become more competitive and flexible in today’s rapidly changing world.